Cybersecurity War Games

To find out how resilient your organisation is to cyber attacks and review your organisation’s security from an attacker’s point of view. Our hacking consultants apply adversary tools, techniques, and procedures. Cyber War Games will attempt to capture your company’s most sensitive assets, testing your detection and remediation technologies, procedures and personnel.

Conduct a time limited attack simulation on your network architecture and assets, including:

External Threats
A remote exploitation attempt by Cynance ethical hacking team, simulating a full cyber-kill-chain against the company’s assets. The attack will be directed at external facing systems and cloud services and will be performed manually, using commercial hacking tools. The simulation may be intrusive or non intrusive, and will provide a real life assessment of the security strength of the company’s network, security products, and services.

Internal Threats
A simulation which assumes the presence of an attacker physically within company’s premises or having access to the company’s internal network and IT assets. It is useful for estimating how much damage a disgruntled employee or a malicious visitor could cause and how protected are the company’s systems from attempts by such an attacker.

Port in The Wall
Conducting a hacking attempt that simulates a visitor who connects a network connection cable to a port in the wall (RJ45 LAN port).

Wi-Fi Hacking
Conducting a hacking attempt that simulates a visitor cracking wireless network security controls, or performing various hacking attempts on timid wireless users who want to access company’s resources using a wireless connection.

Malicious Insider Testing
This simulation will be mimicking an inside threat that acts behind the firewall, from an authorized user’s account with standard access privileges. This test assesses the risks coming from internal employees and administrators who act in breach of policies, from disgruntled employees trying to damage the organization  or where user accounts fall to the hands of malicious individuals, such as following a successful phishing mail campaign.

  • We will learn about your corporate, cloud environments, services and together define the right scope, and approach for an offensive security simulation, considering risks and budget.
  • Our team of offensive security professionals will craft an agenda for an ethical hacking simulation against the agreed upon targets, which will be discussed and approved by your security team/ managers. It is for you to decide what parts of this simulation you want to share with your internal teams in advance, as you may want to test their reaction and response in unknown scenarios, with them being “un-prepared”.
  • We will execute our simulations according to the scope of testing that will be agreed, keeping a constantly ‘open communication’ channel with a project manger (“Chairman”) from your company’s side, for real time feedbacks, and to allow real time limitation or stop of the simulation efforts.
  • After the test, we will provide you with a detailed security findings report, and recommendations for the remediation of the discovered vulnerabilities present in your defence technologies, procedures, and people’s reaction.
  • We will be happy to support you in any point of your journey of bridging the gaps in your cybersecurity preparedness.

This process is conducted by experienced offensive security engineers (ethical hackers) from an adversary perspective, simulating real-world attack scenarios, while using hackers’ methods, tactics, and techniques.

  • When you want to stress test your capabilities to prevent a real-life attack attempt, test your technologies, internal procedures, and employees’ reactions in a real-life offensive scenarios.
  • Elevate internal users, and senior stakeholders’ awareness and perceptions of the feasibility of successfully conducted hacking campaigns against the company.
  • Periodic assessments to keep the teams in good shape, and to train the preparedness of the teams to specific threats and attack scenarios


An offensive security team, simulating real world hackers that are acting to capture the attack objectives, using adversary techniques.


A combined assessment of a red team that is acting, while in parallel there is a blue team on behalf of Cynance that is working closely with your security team to enhance the monitoring, and detection capabilities during an ongoing attack simulation.


Gather company’s stakeholders in a ‘control room’ , feeding them with pieces of information, which serve as indicators of a potential compromise, regarding various network communication artifacts, communication from attackers, multiple real world scenarios, based on threats tailored to the industry and the company. This exercise tests internal security policies compliance, real time decision making under stress and uncertainty and trains the team for a real time attack. This exercise also tests company’s internal communication and control channels.


This campaign tests employees’ awareness and company’s technologies that are in place to prevent malicious emails that have nothing to do with ordinary business operation, but have everything to do with attempts to exploit employees’ lack of awareness. Using simple or sophisticated social engineering technics attackers attempt at infiltrating the organisation, moving laterally across organisation’s network, and extracting sensitive data to attackers’ remote server. A phishing campaigns is designed to discover awareness and readiness of your company to such common attack practice.


Conduct a hands-on testing of your ability to fight ransomware that spreads within your systems, encrypts your files and denies access business critical resources. This test will assess your identification, detection, response and recovery abilities during such attacks.


  • A reports that explains the threat scenarios that were performed, company’s ability to withstand such attacks, the exposures and vulnerabilities that were discovered.
  • A remediation plan for company’s cybersecurity enhancement.

OSINT - Online Discovery

We all know there is information out there about us or our company, but do we know to what extent? Are we aware of data leakages? An OSINT will reveal the scope of data that is available about you or your company and accessible by any attacker, helping you with assessing your cyber risk and providing mitigation options.

OSINT is a cyber-intelligence method, mimicking attackers’ data collection practices to discover potential risks and acts to prevent possible attacks. Most of our business is conducted online, be it via online communications services, cloud services or emails, and almost all of our actions leave a footprint somewhere, where sophisticated attackers can find it. Find out which data is out there about you or your company in a comprehensive professional way, allowing you to limit your online exposure and reduce successful social engineering attempts and phishing campaigns company and yourself.

An OSINT is a non-intrusive, stealth data gathering process based on specific cyber methodology and techniques. It focuses on creating a wide picture of available online data about yourself/ your company on standard web resources as well as on resources that are not easily accessible to anyone.

An OSINT assessment can use social media related information and public records to uncover data leakages from within the company and its sources, or online reputational attacks carried out by various persons of interest, without your company’s awareness.

  • We will learn about your corporate, cloud environments and services and together define the right scope, and approach for a cloud security review, or other services considering risks and budget.
  • We will want to receive your network diagrams, and any other relevant supporting documentation, and may request a remote or local access to your network assets that in scope of our assessment.
  • Our team of cloud security architects will conduct interviews with your IT, DevOps and security team members, and will execute automated and manual validation procedures against the components and services in scope.
  • We will provide you with a detailed security findings report, and recommendations for the remediation of the discovered vulnerabilities present in your architecture design, and corresponding assets.
  • We will be happy to support you in any point of your journey of bridging the gaps in your network security.

Experienced ex-military intelligence analysts who have conducted complex searches and are familiar with the darkest holes where data hides and where attackers go to look for it.

OSINT is relevant at any time of interest, as a starting point for a rather easy mitigation of risks. It is also recommended in circumstances of continued phishing or fraud attempts, and for those who are sensitive to their company brand or personal privacy.


A detailed report of all data found and sources, including a list of potential risks and recommendations for remediation.