Proactive Threat Hunting

Identifying, enumerating and understanding the potential threats to your systems, applications, assets and business processes.

Attackers can be sophisticated and in time learn to hide from existing automated security solutions, and in fact, many breaches are detected only after attackers have operated within the system for a few months. For an effective cyber security protection, you need to adopt a proactive approach to reduce detection time and thus reducing possible devastating outcomes. Threat hunting does exactly that.

Threat hunting is a professional, methodologic search for threats that already exist within your IT environment. Our professional threat hunters will look for signs of malicious activity and operational deficiencies which may indicate the existence of an adversary in your system.

First, we will define together the threat hunting targets which will be to confirm or deny the existence of a certain type of malicious activity within your systems. Then we will plan the process itself, considering your systems and infrastructure and ensuring non-interference with the operation of your business, adopting a smart approach of testing without reviewing each and every event, maintaining professionalism along cost effectiveness.

We will collect logs and data from the relevant systems based on our planned process, and will run analysis on them through our expert threat analysis tools. If a breach is detected, we will identify it and recommend further steps of incident response.

A team of cybersecurity researchers, with extensive knowledge and expertise in malware and APT hunting, logs and artifacts analysis, reverse engineering, and digital forensics. As well as network infrastructure, cloud environments and virtualisation platforms and services.

When you wish to understand your current security posture. This service is relevant especially where you have data, which you believe is valuable to attackers or when you believe someone may target your company.



  • A report including findings of the threat hunting
  • Recommendations for detection, and network visibility enhancement
  • In case a breach is detected, a remediation plan, including further steps