Poor Cathay Pacific: Not only does it have to deal with #Coronavirus catastrophe, but also the UK #ICO. The Hong Kong flag carrier flight company was issued with a 500K£ fine by the ICO for a security breach it has reported, and due to a catalogue of errors found as part of the regulator’s investigation into the breach.

The errors found included back-up files which were not password protected, unpatched Internet-facing servers, use of operating systems that were no longer supported by the developer and on top of that and the fact that it took the company more than six months to make a public disclosure of the breach.

The one bright side for Cathay, is that the breach occurred before #GDPR came into force, thus the fine was issued based on thw previous UK #data protection legislation, providing for a max fine lower than the potential 4% of the global turnover, set in the #GDPR.

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